Luiz Carlos Monteiro Nogueira was born in Marquês de Valença, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 29 December 1946. Son of Walter Alves Nogueira and Nahir Monteiro Nogueira. Father of Walter Alves Nogueira Neto.

He graduated in Brazilian and English Language(s) and Literature(s).

In 1970, he conceived and founded the New Writers' Group (Grupo dos Escritores Novos) in Marquês de Valença-RJ.

In 1971/1972, he was made President of the  Municipal Comission of the Brazilian Movement for Literacy, in Marquês de Valença-RJ.

In 1971, he was chosen by his colleagues to be the President of the Vanguard's Group (Grupo da Vanguarda) created by the students to assist and help people in need, in Marquês de Valença-RJ.

In 1971, his poem “Peace” (Paz) won the 3rd place at the University’s Poetry Contest in Marquês de Valença-RJ.

In 1974 he joined the Ministry of External Relations of Brazil.

In 1977 he published in Bangladesh the book “Birds and Borders”, with the local poet Iqbal Athar.

In 1979 he published in Brazil the book “Living, A Poetical Act” (Viver, Ato Poético).

In 1983 he was made Knight of the Order of Rio Branco  by the President of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

From 1975 until 2001 he worked and lived in Bangladesh, Lebanon and Thailand and, since 2001 he is the Vice Consul of Brazil in Barcelona, Spain.