You are with a Friend when he is beside you. You miss him when he is inside your heart and mind, only.

(M. de Valença, 13.09.2012)


As Homo Sapiens, we all come from Mama Africa. We are One.


(M. de Valença, 12.09.2012)



Never give up! If you can not make all your wishes come true, just do your best.
The Best Possible is all you should expect from yourself and from the others.
The drop of water never gives up and finally wins over the hardness of the stone.


(M. de Valença, 23.06.2012)




Gold is good. God is better!


(M. de Valença, 21.11.2011)





If you can forget, forgive; if you can forgive, forget.

(M. de Valença, 1.1.2009)




A friend of my friend is a friend of mine.


(Barcelona, 2.6.2006)





"Almost" is close to "never".

(Barcelona, 13.5.2006)





Happiness, as much as a right, is a duty for each one of us.


(Barcelona, 14.6.2005)





The best you can do in Life,

is to be better than yourself!


(Barcelona, 19.5.2005)





Ignorance is the space of Knowledge.

Humility is the space of Wisdom.


(Barcelona, 11.4.2005)





Man is the cancer of the planet. What a pity, waste, stupidity!

(Barcelona, 10.4.2005)





Everybody's friend, friend of nobody.


(Barcelona, 3.4.2005)





A butterfly is a flying flower.

(Bangkok, Thailand, 25.6.1985)





Love is Happiness that hurts.


(Beirut, Lebanon, 18.2.1980)





God is. Not.

(Dacca, Bangladesh, 1.8.1977)





A man is running to nowhere, when trying to escape from himself.





The ignorant rules nobody;


common people rule the ignorant;

wise men rule themselves.



(Dacca, Bangladesh, 24.7.1977)