The assassination of Jean Charles de Menezes by the police in London, few weeks ago, may have been a terrible mistake, a necessary police action that went completely wrong. The attempted cover up that followed it by the chief of the police, Ian Blair, is not! This is simply a crime and, as such, must bring punishment to its perpetrators. 

Great Britain, no more the British Empire many of its citizens may think it still is, has to face its own weaknesses and mistakes and be accounted for them. 

The so called “first world countries” have the silly habit of looking at the less developed ones with undeniable and stupid sense of superiority. They should not.   

The recent events in England, the lies its government told the people to convince them that they should send their sons, brothers and husbands to invade Iraq and the terrible consequences of such an absurd demonstrate that bad and corrupt politicians are not bred only by the second, third or any other kind of world. 

May the honest people in Great Britain be able to honor their children and bring an end to the official and shameful acts of their authorities.  

Before they do it, the only thing one can say to them is: SHAME ON YOU! 

(Barcelona, 21.8.2005)



In the tale heard more than forty years ago, a man who had been searching for the Magic Stone – the one that would transform in gold anything it touched – had it at one time in his hands and, without noticing it, threw it away, blinded by the obsession to find it.


I heard the lesson taught and kept it well. When searching for my dreams, on the roads – many – I walked since then, I took care so that the same would not happen to me.


Each person seeks in Life for the riches believed to make him/her happy. For some, Fortune lays in gold, money, belongings.


Others seem to believe that Power and Fame will transform their existences in golden dreams, forever.


There are, finally, those who mine Knowledge and Understanding within books and people, sure that one can not loose only what can not be touched.


In fact, each person has his/her own Sorcerer' Stone since Happiness is entirely personal. As for me, I find it, each moment, by mining myself, people and books, learning with their history, tales and experiences, understanding above all that each moment, meeting, smile or tear brings in itself a glint of the Sorcerer' Stone.


The awareness that each instant in Life bears the capacity of making us happy depending on how it is touched by our hearts and minds, this is "my" Sorcerer' Stone.


(Barcelona, 13.3.2005)

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