The next time we meet,

Will you say hello the way you did

The last time we met for the first time?


Will you smile the way you did

And bring the sunshine back into my life?


Will you caress the keys of our piano

And laugh so childishly the way you did?


Will you tell me your history and ask for mine

As if we did not know already everything we should

About us?


Will you take my hand just like the times

we walked alone among all people?


Will you let me watch  once more the sun setting in your eyes?


Will you love me again as nobody did before or ever will?


Oh, please do it and this time make it forever!


(M. de Valença, 26.09.2010)



The days may pass and they will, certainly;

Places will change their features,

Becoming almost unrecognizable to our memories,

Our hair will grow white and fall;

Our faces will show the relentless cost of Time;


Our minds will get lazy,

And many things that happened before,

Will be eventually lost and left behind.


Yet, the Moon shall be always the same one

That once slept with us, in our nest of Love;

The Sun shall never be different

Than the one I saw setting down in your eyes,

in a magic afternoon, at the beach;

The unique scent of jasmine

That once welcomed us in the house we lived in,

So far away, is now and forever

Present in our garden, at home!

Since You became Me and I became You,

We shall never forget or be forgotten.

Most of all, you shall always be the one

I call “My Love” and “Love of My Life”,

The holder of the keys to my dreams.

(M. de Valença, 16.11.2012)

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